Monday, February 02, 2009


okay first of all, i love gummy bears. specifically the ones by Trolli. please, anyone who finds this can/jar/packet/tub of gummy bears buy them for me please. please. please.

moving on, today's rambles are random thoughts.

Things that I find very pelik and i wonder... (not in any order)

1. how come orang suka pakai Crocs.

2. how come orang suka pakai Crocs tapi it's not the original ones, they buy them from Giant or Tesco.

3. how come some girls don't have an ass? like, they have no butt. it's just pelvic bone and the coccyx sticking out of their jeans.

4. why do some girls buy hideous shoes and wear them with even more hideous outfits?

5. why do guys like to spike their hair up in the middle and make it look like they have the Alps growing out of it?

6. why do malays like to sit on the sidewalks sambil mencangkung and either a) smoke or b) talk on the phone?

7. what is the obsession with FAKE ralph lauren or hackett polo tees with huge ass numbers on them? (this one, malays like also...very weird.)

... why does my laptop battery have to run out at this very moment. haiyoh.


Imran said...

itu sahaja yang u boleh kata?....
id turn pashess to ashes,
pish kapaw the glass

Imran said...

i get wutchu wut ure tryinna say is dodgy the crowd has become..

trueee so very true...

Lee Agas Guang said...

I use to wonder like you when I was bumming out at uptown way back..well the answer to all those is..followers does not lead and leaders don't need awesome brands to stand out.. xD

Jay Ismail said...

ikut musim je..time croc..semua croc...time hackett..semua nak hackett..

speakin of fake stuff..i honestly think it depends on the pemakai though..if campak fake stuff on a good lookin fella..doesnt look that fake pon..cube campak real LV ke..Hackett shirts ke..real rayban aviator ke....on a rempit..?


sn said...

I'd say the answer to number 2 is God or evolution or some such.