Friday, November 02, 2007

Snip Snap

Dear Pash, Here is your single's love horoscope for Saturday, November 3:

Flirt, and flirt a lot today. Your magnetism's white hot right now and everyone around you feels it. Don't be afraid to ask that special person out. They won't be able to resist your charm.

my horoscope tells me wonderful things. but normally my self-esteem doubts it. you have no idea how this effects the levels of estrogen. it's nowhere near the delirium you'd experience from purchasing a RM400 Guess bag however, but it's within the same region. i should probably draw up a hierarchy of things that make me happy, although i doubt it'll be very accurate. i mean, i can't really be sure J.Co donuts can top Haagen Dazs' chocolate fondue. come on! that's asking for alot! *ehem*

talk about J.Co donuts. damn! that's all i can say. shtank you. ngahahahaha! dude, OMG! like, all the words combined into one big ass exclamation won't even come close to defining those bloody J.Co donuts. i'd be subscribing to 3 gyms with 2 personal trainers for each part of my body if i could live on those things. seriously. my favourites (top-bottom) : Why Nut, Coco C, Alcapone.

moving on...

did you know trips to the hair salon is very therapeutic? yeah. it's like, you walk into the place and it doesn't matter which obscure little town you're in (like, segamat) and you feel like you've been transported to Subang. or KL. like that. i got my hair cut. (again??) it's just to re-define the unruly mop i had as hair. see, the mohawk didn't grow out very graciously, hence i needed a cut to tame it a bit. now, all thanks to Teddy, (the hairdresser. more than 20 years experience, mind you) i have nice hair. short, sassy, and oh-so-sexy. lol! (the "oh-so-sexy" was added for dramatic effect.)

only two more papers to sit for, then i'm off! i SO can't wait to get away from this place. there's so many things i want to do... *daydream*