Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some 1. 2. 3.

currently i is listening to this lady rapstar, PSALM One, straight from Southside Chicago. fookin dope, she's no Eve Lil' Kim whatever. check track 8, 'Rapstar' from her album "The Death of the Frequent Flyer". released by Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


i'm not in the mood for writing. somehow, things just aren't going too well. with this and that and everything else whizzing through my mind...where's Calm when you need it? where's Company when you want someone to talk to? where's Clarity when you're confused? where's Courage when you need to say someting? nevermind. don't mind me. nobody ever does. just be quiet and walk out the door like you never saw or heard me.

if there was one thing i want now, it's not a thing. it's more of a presence. a feeling. that little tick that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. again, nevermind.

14 months an elaborate affair. too much too handle? you would think i'd had enough already. well, i have. i've had enough of something i didn't need. much less want. but then didn't i want it? maybe i did, just a little. so now i changed my mind, will you punish me for that? what punishment do i deserve for wanting a little bit more, but refusing after waiting too long? life's too short, and the world a bigger place. so let me live and release me from the confines of these four walls and glass windows.

just shut up and let go. i'm sick and tired of bouncing back and forth. just shut up.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ouh Ah Uhuh. Uh.

the ad-libs at the beginning of Heard 'Em Say. hahaha. (mentang-mentang Kanye West in concert, he's the only thing on my playlist.)

the end is near, the end of semester i mean. i thought it'll never ever be over but finally it will. soon. and so 4 months or so in the jungles of Segamat has probably done me good. really, i mean it. things have been so-so gravy to the point that i no longer feel nauseous and home-sick as often as i used to. but then again it might be the fact that i go home almost every fortnight, and on the weekends that i don't go home, there's some event or function on campus that i'm involved in. see, so it really hasn't been all that bad.

dear friends, i have indeed been surviving the valleys of Johor. your worries have been diminished. *grin

exams are in april. term holidays start in may. i'll be home soon, people.