Thursday, June 29, 2006


we love the people who mean most to us.
we love the people dearest to us.

and how these people end up being so meaningful and dear to us is something no one, and nothing can ever describe in full detail.
nggak ada kata yang bisa ungkapin suatu perasaan atau bagaimana hubungan seseorang itu sama orang lain bisa jadi sesuatu yang amat bermakna lagi butuh dalam hidupnya.

it just happens. even overnight.

that night when 5 girls got together and somehow, it sealed a 'sisterhood' between us.
a night that started out as just us sleeping over for the weekend, because we had a tournament to go to, turned out to be the beginning of a bond that promises to tie us together for as long as we need each other.

we talked about endless things. yeah, normal girl talk and all that. but somewhere in between, we poured out secrets, consoled each other, laughed and poked fun at each other. not to mention grabbing bags of junk food and stuffing ourselves with all that fat. eew. hahaha.

you know, when you have people around you just at their most relaxed selves, in pyjamas, munching grubs, hair up in messy ponytails, sleepy swollen eyes, and ending up sleeping on top of each know you got the best of it right there.

*carves "intan, khairun, mawar, alya." oh. and "pash."*
sisterhood, June 24 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006

Setitik Atau Sebelanga

i've lost touch with writing. forgive me but these hands do sin. lol. i told you i'm lost. or i've lost it. either way, same difference.

"to celebrate a birthday is to celebrate a year closer to the day you die."

it's eeriely logical. a pessimistic view, but it makes perfect sense. prove me otherwise and i'll start celebrating everyday of my life. because, everyday is a day closer to death.

"if you knew you were going to die at 55. would u be happy to celebrate your birthday every year, knowing that you're only a year less from your death?"

still eerie. still it makes sense.

"blowing out candles on your birthday cake is symbolic to blowing out your life."

imagine blowing out 20 candles. 20 down, 35 more to go?
i'm freaking you out aren't i? i'm freaking myself out.

although some may say what a negative view to have on adding on a year to your age, but it's not entirely ridiculous to put it in that light. to see it a different way from how people normally see it. true, you may say that a year older is a year wiser. but, does being a year older push your destiny further?
it's simple logic. you take a step forward, you get closer to your destination. birthdays are like a step forward. death is the final destination for every life form.

you wanna do the math? i suggest not.
if you're fine, happy and dandy...then enjoy life.
if you're me, chances are you're gonna think of things like this.