Saturday, April 22, 2006

Slip Slaps Smacks

i've been out shopping. yey!

*smiles contentedly*

it's been a while since i went out shopping, but i did today.
the whole ish: trains, monorails, cabs, crossing pedestrian walks... the urban street savvy city dweller thing. it's tiring as hell. but then, after so long not walking the streets of KL like i did today, it made me realise how easy it actually is to get from one place to another. the transportation services are just awesome. okay, maybe save the delays, and the huffy commuters...but really, it gets you just about anywhere in KL.

Berjaya TS is such a boring place to go to. but i absolutely love the Mango outlet there.
remind me to go to Debenhams for shoes. they have amazing shoes. *sigh
but we couldnt find anything interesting there. so next stop, Sg Wang.
it's been awhile since i went to Sg Wang. ages, in fact. so yeah, it was like a reunion thing. lol.
after that was Lot 10. now, i'm in love with Birkenstocks. i so need to get me a pair of those.

lunch was at Societe. blek, couldnt eat much but the orange juice was refreshing after a few hours walking around lugging bags of shopping.

alright. now down to the nitty gritty.
the shopping breakdown:

CARVEN suit and pants
CARVEN shirt
Communique shirt
Vincci Ballet Flats

yes, that pretty much covers expenses for the day. top to toe spree!
oh, mom managed to get a Braun Buffel bag for 60% less. originally priced at RM569, she got it at a steal of only RM200+.

sayang havent texted me in ages. oh okay, couple of days.
but i'm beginning to worry.
and when i worry i become clingy and whiny.
"mana sayang hilang ni...?"

Friday, April 21, 2006

Koko Krunch and Milk

ah. yes. i'm back again. lol.
as if you missed me. pfft~
as if i even have an audience, save for the few who are closest buddies of mine.
i'm my own audience most of the time. but yes, i'm back.

it's been a rough week.


arrrrgghhhh!!! fuck it! i hate that stupid piece of flesh at the back of my throat flaring up just because it can't handle a bit of heat and cold and heat and cold.
stupid. then i can't eat for like a week.
fine. so it did well for my weight, perhaps a couple of kilos down, but I COULDN'T EAT!!!
see, when you're faced with a situation that just prevents you from eating then you realise that you love food and you love it like hell.
i know i did.
watching my mom and dad eat, while i had to struggle to even CHEW the friggin chicken let alone SWALLOW, i thought, heck. eating is a luxury. a bare necessity we hardly even notice in our daily lives, let alone actually appreciate.
and i'm not talking about food, okay. i'm talking about the ACT of EATING itself. that's right.

so i lived on a diet of soft foods and medication for about 4 days.
porridge, porridge, soup, ah! noodles, mashed potatoes...
for four days. eating just that.
delightful. hah. you think????

then, thank GOD. the medication began to kick in, and i could swallow easier.

now, i'm recovered. although not completely, but at least my diet does not just span mush.
the first thing i intend to do once declared fully recovered, is to gobble down pizza and stuff it down as much as i can.
i'm being ravenous. yes.


it's been a while. two weeks? yeah. about that.
works's killing him. time and immobility killing me.
so how do we work this one out.
dinners sound nice, but i worry he gets too tired.
weekends are just obscure. i'm booked at home, or hey, he works.
sometimes i dont think the job is really such a good thing you know.
sure, it brings the geez and shytes. but if you're home knackered and you can't really do much else, where's the good there?

maybe it's just me.
i miss him. and everything about him.
he's such a puppy. i adore him completely.


a lotta things been happening.
like i can't believe if all this is happening but it is.
i sound like i'm delirious.
my thoughts are just messing themselves up.

that's about it i guess. for the night.
for tonight.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Glowing Shades of Amber.

"whoa...amber is the colour of your energy,
whoa...shades of gold displayed naturally..." - 311, Amber
i'm beginning to be very addicted to the mellow tones of Amber. and the way i'm made out to be Amber. how Amber radiates a warm glow, impossible to ignore but for the admirer to lavishly pour affection and adoration. i'm not addicted to it. i'm in love with it. the admirer. i'm absolutely besotted, and extremely overwhelmed by the emotions it now provokes. i love every bit of it.
my sleeping pattern's been awful lately. bedtime is at 7am. now you figure when my day starts. but wait, i've talked about my sleeping patterns. *sigh. now you know there's nothing much else really bothering me except for sleep. and food. i've not been eating well, or regularly. surviving on a diet of different types of nasi goreng and teh o' ais laici everyday. occasional maggi goreng. and i'm about to puke as i'm typing this. being in college, living the college life, truly sucks. (for want of better word, but i'm really not feeling that articulate right now...)
so travel plans for langkawi has been confirmed. will be flying airasia (god forbid, the parents will sponsor a MAS flight) on the evening of the 6th. which means that my one and only final paper for that day will be postponed to a later date upon arrival from langkawi. whomps.
i'll be looking forward to Asians 2006. because it's langkawi. *smirks, then frowns.
no no...because it's an international tournament and a chance not to be missed.
pray for the well being of my respiratory and digestive systems.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Carves a V

guess what. tommy got a new friend today, and it's name is Fanny. now Tommy and Fanny can't ever be seperated, they've become soooooo close.
it's been a while since i bought anything for tommy, so he must be happy. i hope he is. well he should be, at least he won't get heated up too much now.

okay so you'll all be wondering who is tommy and why fanny is such a great friend for tommy.
well, tommy kept getting really heated up and his temperature was always high, which is not a good thing. tommy needs to be kept cool most of the time, so i got him Fanny. Fanny does a wonderful job at keeping tommy's degrees down and keeps him ventilated. so now they're inseperable. ever.

you all must think i'm a nut. well go get yourselves a drink or you'll choke. pfft~

The New C & E

it's funny how things roll exactly the way you want it when you least expect it. how things just seem to fall into place in unison and synchrony, complete perfection. It almost seems like a daydream, to most of us, but to some it really does happen. Alright so you may think I’m becoming a bit delirious, like I’m high on some illegal substance or another. Admittedly, I am. Although this particular matter is far from unlawful. It’s like a state of euphoria! *jumps in glee* *ehem* *regains composure*

so yes. The sun shines brighter, the skies are clearer, the winds blow a merrier breeze. Haha. I’m sounding like a British author who writes corny love stories about messed up humans, their lives intertwined with fairy mischief, and hopeless romantics. (fine, fine…so I do read those books. Pfft~)

okay, so let’s look at 2006 so far. I’m not sure I’d remember each bit but the ones I’m about to tell are those plastered semi-permanently on the walls of my memory. For now, at least. Then they’d either be permanently etched, or carelessly smudged off.

……I figured that to tell you a blow by blow account of January to March is a bit much……so I’ve changed my mind. Gaaah!

The current state of mind is bliss. Complete and utter delight. You could see the glow radiating, it’s as if someone had taken a gold glitter pen and drew an outline around my head, like an aura, except with stars and smiley faces and little bunny rabbits hopping around. Ew. I hate the bunny rabbits part. Scratch that.

By now, you’d probably be wondering why I’m not just getting to it, let the cat out of the bag, say it out loud, and GET IT OVER WITH!! Well, I won’t. I don’t want to. It’s the ego the size of a full moon. Blah! Or maybe I’m just being shy about it. *flushes pink*

Fine fine. So my rants aren’t exactly taking us anywhere, except that it’s doing a good job telling you that I’ve probably gone bonkers. Try the drugs I’m on, you’d feel the same I’m sure. But I won’t share, you’ve to go get your own. Have you ever been told by the doctor that medication is personal?? It’s prescribed specifically for the person that it’s intended for. So shoo! Go get your own tonic.