Monday, December 26, 2005

Myspace Questionnaires.

1.The last movie you watched?__"the chronicles or narnia, the witch, the lion and the wardrobe" (sebut dgn gah sekali)

2. The last tv show you watched?__the naked chef. he wasn't naked okay and i dont want to see him cooking with no clothes on. unhygienic giler.

3. The last song you heard?__what's on my winamp. basically like 700+ songs. but yeah, specifics: Sade - The Sweetest Taboo

4. The last thing you bought?__a pair of shades. i'm so plastic, but it's so fun trying it on, even more fun paying for it.

5. The last place you went to?__my bathroom? does that count? oh you mean went out....i went to sunway pyramid. u know, that place with the lion's head?? yeah...the eyes light up at night.

6. The last food you ate?__nasi goreng daging merah. and chocolate cake. and an apple. fruits are good for your digestion u know.

7. The last thing you heard from your parents?__mom: "eh pergi buat kopi. then bring the biskot cream crackers for me."__dad: "tukar la channel. apa tengok elton john ni."

8. The last thing you said to your parents?__to mom: "mmphhff."__to dad: "nah la remote."

9. The last thing you said to one of your friends__"kalau bisa gwe jadi cewek dia gwe adalah yang paling bahgia kok" hahhaha..fantasies la oy. like yea, roight~

10. The last book you read?__book? e-book boleh? i'm so tech savvy. lol. anyway, i havent been reading much. been too busy being blonde. (rolls with laughter)

Who was:

1. The last person you called?__balan. sebab i missed his call. so i called him back. baik kan pasha ni. *grins*

2. The last person who called you?__shidot. after an emergency distress sms i sent her. damn i always feel better after talking to shidot. first half hour i was depressed in tears, then the next half hour i was laughing my ass off talking about what dumb fucks some guys are when they're oblivious and seemingly blind.

3. The last person you texted?__shidot. the distress sms...remember.

4. The last person who texted you?__shidot. the reply to my distress sms....

5. The last person who said good night last night?__last night? hurm...siapa. no one? hahaha...what's a good night for anyway. i sleep at 4am.

6. The last person who said I like you?__err..hehe. ada la orang tu. tapi kan. malu seh. wait a minute. sejak bila ada orang 'likes' me?? huh?? huh??!! nobody likes me, everybody hates me. ahaha~

7. The last person who gave you a comment?__lupa dowh. i think it's aremint. or nas. or....hurm..i read through them but i dont remember exactly who was last. okay.

8. The last person who sent u a msg in myspace?__putri. hehe. what was it about now. oh...something like about school and term and shyte.

9. The last person you hugged?__hug. daddy.__bug. beetle. the car.__tug. o-war.__rug. persian__dug. a hole. up yours.__mug. supersize for hot chocolate.__jug. water.

10. The last person you saw on tv?__robbie williams. oh no. elton john. oh. hurm.

Do You?

1. Do you believe that love is forever?__love is for awhile only la. then whatever that's after that is mutual understanding, respect, sense of responsibilty, belonging, companionship. i'm realistic. ideals are just idealistic ideas.

2. Do you get hurt by people easily?__yes i do. pash is not that tough after all. and i might be so paranoid and hurt myself thinking that that person hurt me padahal orang tu taktau apa2 pun. tapi i je emo lebih. lol.gila ke apa? pash is not so duhhh~ but yeah, vulnerable giler.

3. Do you believe that all people are generally good?__generally? of course. semua orang baik la sebenarnya. even underneath all that bitchy egoistic cocky attitudes, full of shit liars, insensitive closet homosexuals, hypocrites and all that. semua orang baik la.

5. Do mean people make you sad?__no lah. they make the mean side of me meaner. trust me, mean people get to see the mean me. so if u think i'm being mean to you then something must be triggering it. but i'm mean anyways. totally.

6. Does ice cream make you happy?__it makes me believe that dairy can come in various flavours and brands, with various toppings, and types of cones: wafer, sugar, waffle. caramel, toffee, butterscotch. sprinkles: chocolate, rainbow. raisins, nuts. haagen dazs. ben and jerry's new york super fudge chunk.

7. Do you sing in the shower?__i sing when there's a mic and no one looking. lol. i mandi in the shower la ngok. wash my hair in the shower. scrub my knees in the shower. brush my teeth while in the shower too, hehe, lazy la to stand at the sink.

8. When it rains, do you like to splash in the puddles?__when it rains, i like to smell the scent of rain. and get wet in the rain. puddles are for my little cousins to jump around in. i play out in the open. get soaked.

9. If you see a cute guy/girl walk down the street,do you smile and tell him/her that he/she is cute?__u're talking cute guy/girl like he or she is 5 right? okay, 8 yrs max. either way, i won't. so what if he/she is cute. you think i'm going to do the world a favour and boost their ego? tak payah.

10. Do you notice when people have beautiful eyes?__i notice it more when i have beautiful eyes. haha. beautiful eyes....beautiful eyes, eh. most people i know have normal eyes. that's good enough innit?

11. Have you ever cried watching a movie?__omg. when the soul of Cedric Diggory told Harry to take his body back to his father. CEDRIC DIED!! *sob*sob*

12. Is it cute when old people are holding hands?__since when did old become cute weh? you sick people.

13. Are you a happy person?__happy? am i happy? do u really think i am a happy person?? of course i'm happy!!! what do you think??!!! huh? huh!!!

14. Do you tend not to worry even when you know something bad is about to happen?__oh god. talk about denial. i've been ignoring red lights since i was in high school. i'd rather go redah je then get into trouble later. worth it. at least i did what i wanted to. can't be too careful la..those are for the goody types. anak mithali and all. pfft~

15. Is it fine to cut the barbie's hair?__if you're aspiring to be Winnie Loo, sure. cut lah. but don't u dare come near mine with a scissors. i swear i'll slam your head down on a chopping board and cut your hair off with a chopper!!!

16. Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt?__i pernah gelak so gila, i was on the armchair, then i went down to the floor, then i rolled around clutching my sides, then i sat up and slapped the floor, then if i was eating i'd be choking on my food, my face would be almost purple, and then i'd get on the armchair again, then i'd have both my legs up on the arm rest, then i'd be kicking the air...then i'd.. u really want me to go on?

18. Are you slightly lazy?__very lazy. lazy giler. sangat lazy. pemalas like a princess. tuan puteri kat rumah tak boleh angkat jari buat apa pun. kalau suruh jugak muka jadi macam muka kurang ajar gila. haa. nak cakap apa sekarang.

19. Do you like to drive with the windows down?__i don't drive la. haha. i'd drive with the windows down if ada passenger yang membakar tembakau la. takkan nak tercekik asap bodow ke apa. i'd rather be the first hand smoker, it's more satisfying. *inhaleeeeeee*absorb the tar*exhaleeeeee*

20. Are you in love?__what's that? in love? no mahn. i'm in my room. in my pajamas. in a mild state of depression. in a constant turbulance of mixed emotions. in disarray. in a mess. in a rut. in a shithole. in feelings of dissappointment. in a mass of tangled wires. in a place where i can only imagine everything falls into place just the way i want it. in denial. in total and absolute stupidity.

ah that was fun innit. should get more of this things to do.and actually, i took like half an hour to do this.


*psst: perasan tak number 4 and 17 of the third part tak ada? not intentionally. i pun baru perasan.

Pada Aku dan Kamu

aku cuba lihat dimatamu
kalau ada bayangan wajahku
dan dalam pandangan itu
aku lihat kalau ada sinar cinta itu

apa yang ku cari ku nantikan ia
dalam senyumanmu
untuk kembalikan aku pada rasa
senang yang ada dihatiku

dalam pegangan tangan aku dan kamu
jika ada cita-cita yang terindah
mungkinkah dapat dikecapi angan-angan ku
jejaki langkah bersama kamu

dan yang teristimewa bagi ku
jika ku lihat di wajahmu ada aku
dan dalam jiwaku hanya ada kamu.


sometimes mother tounge speaks more fluently.
i love how language plays so much in reflecting emotions.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Impatient. and so Stupid.

okay okay so i said i won't write till January but i really can't wait. i've had loads on my mind but the funny thing is now that i settle to putting it down i forget everything.
well not really forget, but everything's just such a jumbled mess, i can't really organise which to put down first. let's do this slowly, backtrack and retrace my mind steps to where it went and was heading.

i've really a very short memory span. i forget things, it just slips. i can be eating an apple one second, then i put it down on the table to get something, then i move on doing something else, and then when i pass the fruit basket and reach out for an apple i remember i left a half eaten one on the table. now i have to go find which table. *rolls eyes*

i was washing the dishes, looking out through the curtains to the road outside and i was thinking of something really controversial and awesome to write it up here but i don't remember what it was all about. i need raisins. orang tua-tua kata makan kismis boleh kuatkan ingatan. i do wonder how though. those little pieces of shrivelled grapes. better off in fruitcakes, or muffins. mom made a bunch of hazelnut cupcakes. i've been feeding on those things ever since.

i miss my old school friends and school. i miss buying 50 sen nasi lemak with sambal lebih. i miss all the bitching gossips at recess. i miss stuffing myself with chocolates from the koperasi. i miss my school uniform. i miss wearing my Reebok Classic to school. i miss bringing hot chocolate in a flask and tempting everyone around me with the delicious scent of chocolate everytime i take a sip during morning add math class. i miss skipping classes (why miss school then, you say?). for the fun and thrill of not getting caught. i was always getting myself plonked down in the uncomfortable chair of the Guru Kanan Hal Ehwal Murid's office. then sign the borang pengakuan kesalahan. i wonder how many of those i've managed to collect. i miss school so much that i don't remember how it looks like anymore. not in detail, at least.

see this is what happens when i forget what is it really that i wanted to write down. i start to babble about whatever that comes to mind.

i am listening to songs i haven't really listened to before this. like Anggun, Joss Stone, India Arie. it's weird you might think, but i like these jazz/soul songs are soothing to listen to. seriously, beyonce's not the only one with great vocals. and everything you hear on the Top 40 becomes boring and monotonous after a short while. a change in music tastes is good. gives the senses a different stimuli.

this is getting no where. i'm badgering on and on in the hopes of finally maybe that piece of memory would appear before me and i could actually write about that thing i was thinking about. but it's not coming. so there would be nothing else substantial for me to write except for things i did today and of other examples of my seemingly persistent short memory.

i'd do myself a favour and not worry too much about that lost bit of thought. trains are always on a track, they go forth and only back unless they crash or derail.

>Pash Rahim 241205

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Degradation of Women (??)

listening to BEP's "My Humps", someone said it's a song degrading women. i wonder why it because of it's provocative lyrics? or the way women's assets are lovingly addressed as 'humps'? i think otherwise. i say it's empowering. make a man drunk of a lady's humps. that's something to talk about. by the sheer feminity of womanhood, gets man on their feet and toes and at our back and call. how can that be degrading? power to the humps!


with new years' around the corner, everyone's in a festive mood. christmas and all it being. but what's there exactly to celebrate? it's just another excuse for capitalism to rear it's horns head on into excitement and rush people into obliging their consumerist selves.
ahh..but what a great occasion as an excuse. obliterate the remaining bits of last year as we dive into another year, in the guise of a new beginning. resolutions made, never met. the very practice of sending off the year in style and drunkeness, and it's the very same thing that welcomes the much awaited 'brand new year' of 'brand new things'. yeah roight~

how ironic. how most of us resolve to start off fresh for the new year, we actually end up with a hangover on the very first day of the beginning. first resolution dashed. strike one. hah! what's the use. it's never a beginning, we get closer to the ending with every new start.
the start of a new chapter brings you closer to the ending right? that's how it works in life, precisely. some of us live up to have 70 or 80 chapters. some only has 40 or so... but some don't even get past the first few pages. their stories were so short.


shall continue when there's more. i'll return come January.

>Pash Rahim 131205

Saturday, December 03, 2005


E I G H T.
i love spelling eight. when i was in kindergarten and learning to spell numbers, eight was my favourite. maybe because it sounds nice. ee-aye-jee-etch-tee. eight. hehe~

what significance does being eighteen give me? i don't feel very much different now than i did a year ago when i turned 17.
fine, so if i was asked for my ID at Planet Hollywood's Sunday Nite Live, i'll pass. but i went last year and i passed anyway. my friend who was 19 at that time was asked to show her ID. hah!

sheesh. okay so i went out for lunch and a movie on my birthday. finally got to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. read the translated subtitles, "Harry Potter dan Gelas Berapi". i burst out laughing. the movie was not bad and oh, CEDRIC IS HAWT! HOT! sszzttt~
but i don't have Mike Newell in my good books for directing Harry Potter 4. he did a sloppy job. there were tonnes of loopholes in the movie and the whole story just didn't really flow all that well. but the CGI were amazing. totally realistic, although you know it's not real. the background were a tad bit still, like the castle grounds when Harry was being chased by the Hungarian Horntail. i also hated that Ron's and Hermione's character wasn't given much depth. Cho could have had more involvement, say bumping into Harry, or Harry daydreaming about Cho. something. all in all i'd say the whole movie was very rushed. i liked it because it was a Harry Potter movie, but i didn't really like it as a movie. i might add again that, CEDRIC IS HOT!

oh yes, let's talk about lunch.
Italiannies is awesome! they have the best pepperoni pizza ever! and their minestrone soup is simply mouth-watering. SEDAP GHILLER! i love their drinks, although i didn't try their cocktails. their slushies were soooooo sedaappp! omg. i must say, i hereby declare the Tiramisu at Italiannies is TO DIE FOR. i wouldn't eat two days to lose the fat i gained eating that sinful Tiramisu. and yes, i mean sinful. liquer makes so much difference between a Good and a Beyond slice of Tiramisu.
Carina told the big manager dude that it was my birthday so he had the crew sing me a birthday song. but before that, i had to stand on the chair. STAND ON THE CHAIR! and make a speech using the bottle of olive oil for a mic. great. and as i stood, the old chandelier just came to my head. thank god i didn't hit it. or it didn't hit me. either way..haha.. but the best part was that because i had allowed to be subjected to a bit of fun, i had the said sinful Tiramisu on the house! awesome! and it was so worth it. it really isn't that bad standing on a chair, at least you get everyone else's attention for what that 5 minutes of 'fame' was worth.


i got myself a pair of MNG shades. haha~ so typical. but it was sooooo cheap! i mean, 79 bucks for a pair of MNG shades is cheap okay. as far as my knowledge of eyewear prices go, a Gucci or Guess can cost at least RM600, a Dior is RM1000+, and a Ferragamo will put a RM1200 dent in your leather purse. MNG shades are a steal! sorry but i've never bought shades at MNG before, nor have i bothered even to check. but i saw the one that i bought, it fitted perfectly so i bought it on the spot. *grins*

i would have gone shoe shopping as well. but we were strapped for time. we were already late for the movie when i was buying the shades. and topshop has this awesome dress. i so have to buy it. next time around, next time around..


i'm looking forward to my next outing. my next night out. and my first Peach Bellini. i've been dying to get one since forever. oh, tell me when it's January.