Tuesday, October 30, 2007


if you've noticed in my previous posts i have this penchant for monosyllabic sound effect-ish blog titles. i can't for the life of me figure why. i'm just genius that way. lol.

last weekend was recharge ('cas semula'??) at a'famosa melaka. recharge my foot! literally. we all had a mind-lifting experience of horse manure foot spa. gives a whole new dimension to mud therapy i'm telling ya. who needs volcanic earth? it was all organic shit (pun intended) from the moment you step foot into the venue. but blending into nature activities aside, the event itself was aight. i spent most of the night at freedom electric, partly because it was playing hiphop, and partly because it was the only air-conditioned tent.
solid gold was very cute, with the roller-skating ring and retro-ish music playing. very cool, very cool. then there was the foam bar, which was filled with, well, foam! everyone who walked out of that place looked like they were wearing Ugg boots looking like little eskimoes sesat in muddy land. it made for a very amusing watch. until, me and a couple of friends decided we couldn't hold in the temptation any longer and pergi masuk itu foam bar (me, albeit a tad bit hesitant of getting wet). the result, of course was us looking like the formerly described Ugg boot wearing eskimoes. oh we had fun! bubble baths ain't just for the Johnson & Johnson generation. kalau boleh install satu alat foam itu dalam shower di rumah, seronok beb!
besides that, there was the freedom AMP stage, which we didn't go to. neither did we go to the Global stage. oh but we sloshed to Godskitchen. Gods-bloody-muddy-as-hell-kitchen! (semua Reefa punya pasal! :p) managed to listen to Bass Agents play, mind you the stage was a bit far from where we were to see them, so yeah. we listened je.

all in all, penat gila babi (add more expletives here). my knees felt like popping off, my ankles were wobbly, my toes all covered in gunk. (ew, yeah i know)

balik, tidur. oh sedap betul tidur. nikmat yang tak terhingga.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brownie Fine

Miss Shidot, you ain't the only one with a mixer and an oven. Pash got mad baking skills ma'am!

Pash brownies as it got into the oven.

no pictures after it got baked, coz then you'll drool all over your keyboard and beg me for some of miss pash's brownies. i make them on special occasions. usually when people come over to the house. this time, i brought it over to my aunt's for Raya. i know shidot is very 'pemurah' and posts her recipe so everyone can try baking, unfortunately i can't put mine up. i'm not kedekut (puh-lease), it's just because baking isn't a chemistry experiment where you measure each ingredient to precision and expect a perfectly baked cake. the art is in throwing a whole bunch of stuff together and voila! also, the joy in baking is spontaneity. imagine feel-good movie scene where girl bakes cake (read: tries to bake), boy pokes around, girl taps him on the hand, boy splats flour on girl's nose, and they end up on the kitchen counter with no cake. yah?

so if you want a bite, come to the house! comprehende?

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.

Excuse Me Miss

i'd like to rectify a mistake i made in my previous posting. read through the last paragraph where it says 'moscow', it should be Baikonur, Kazakhstan. that was where the rocket lifted-off. russia rents the land from Kazakhstan after the 'dissolution' of the Soviet Union. yes, Kazakhstan was under Soviet rule. so were a lot of other "-stan" countries save for Pakistan. but that's another history lesson altogether.

alrighty then, now that's been clarified.

oh, our 'angkasawan' is a bona fide cosmonaut. apparently he is also gay. please tell me this is not true. (although i have people telling me who his 'partner' is.)

if y'all remember kenan from nickelodeon's "kenan & kel", do it like you know: "whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy?"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i am seated next to the television, watching the live telecast of hours building up to that good looking doctor being blasted off to space. i mean, literally blasted off to space. this Sheikh Muszaphar fellow is bloody hell good looking. i am looking at him right now. (yes, my computer is positioned right next to the black idiot box. that means i can watch mtv and youtube at the same time.)

i haven't seen this particular personality for quite a while now but he's mc-ing the telecast at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. i thought to myself, damn. i wanna be this dude. i mean, not be him like being him, but be like him. right. you get the picture. anyway, Mahadzir Lokman. thwack yourself or anyone on the head if you don't know Mahadzir Lokman. i remember him mc-ing my aunt's wedding some 10 years ago. i was little miss flower girl and couldn't care less about him at the time. but i remember him being put to the grill by my grand-aunt (the bride's mother. very fussy, hence the exquisite choice in an emcee.) he sailed right through the whole function. i mean, it was only a wedding. only a wedding.

so back to the story. what story? right. the telecast. the blast off. to infinity and beyond! hahaha. i can imagine Dr. Sheikh's little boy inside actually giggling and grinning and squirming in his seat while making Buzz Lightyear impressions. hahahahaha! *slaps knee*
he's been interviewed by many, i'm sure. but most if not all the interviews must have been very serious scientific experiment-oriented interviews. what about those with a touch of humour? i'd love to ask him if he ever wanted to become Buzz Lightyear when he watched ToyStory. or if he's being under all this spotlight because he's much more good-looking than the other dude. i bet when he comes back, he'll be in Cleo's most eligible bachelor 2008. maybe he'll be featured on the cover of GQ. lol! suddenly he'll be Malaysia's next hottest celebrity, he'll be invited to movie premieres and mediocre award shows. he'll beat Mawi and win Anugerah Bintang Popular. he'll star in Yusoff Haslam's next blockbuster soppy love movie. roight.

i've no idea what the big deal is. he's going off into space. bravo! the nation's proud of you. but what do i have to say about it? nothing much. i'm your average 19 year old teenage airhead. maybe i should read up on this and find out what the hoolaballoo is all about.

in less than 73 minutes, he'll be gone. and right now in moscow, he's sitting next to two other mat salleh astronauts being interviewed or something. and he's wearing that astronaut suit. we've all watched armageddon. and astronauts are hot.

lagi 3 hari nak raya dah.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Horror Scopes.

Dear Pash, Here is your single's love horoscope for Friday, October 5:

Flirting's a great form of communication for you today. You're feeling so good you can't help but have fun with everyone. Be careful about being too friendly around those who are spoken for. You might ruffle some feathers.

I love reading horoscopes. Mine, especially. Haha! =D They tickle me. And it's so amusing to read. It's as if my future can be predicted by the mere alignment of the moon and sun to jupiter and venus. And it tells me nice things. So i like them.

My source of 'feel-good' juice.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lai lai ci ci kang

I’m writing this in between sipping my laici kang and eating my nasi kerabu on my study table in my hostel room. I’m not eating so much of my nasi kerabu, it being my favourite Kelantanese staple, but I’m paying more attention to my drink. This being the first time I ever drank laici kang. Go ahead, you can point at me and go ‘what??’ This drink never appealed to me, ever. I don’t know why suddenly it crossed my mind to actually buy it when I was buying buka puasa/dinner at the Ramadhan bazaar today. Maybe my curiosity got the better of me. So yeah, this drink…it’s actually really good. I mean, hunger and thirst amounting to starvation and severe dehydration not affecting judgement, it is good! And it’s a drink that really occupies me. You would ask why. Well it’s got all this stuff in it like barley and selasih and cincau and winter melon and mata kucing… But wait, if you’ve had laici kang before, you’d know all this. Okay. (que: point finger and laugh loudly) Fine, so I’ve found life’s little pleasures in a mug of laici kang; made even more pleasurable when you manage to sedut the last bit of barley or selasih with a straw. Haha! I love Ramadhan. For all the wrong reasons, but I love it anyway.

Because I know Shidot reads me on a regular basis, here’s a message for you babe.
So what if you can shop next to Sienna Miller and smell her hair, go terrorizing the Spaniards because you’re scarier than a bullfight, travel across Europe to go mabuk with Hammy while she spends taxes the average working Malaysian pays… You’re missing out on the good ol’ Ramadhan bazaar! You can hate me now! But hey, let’s go on a one month beach bum holiday for our graduation present to each other. I miss you. And i love you, i do. But NO RAYA SONGS!! I'm not going to email you Raya songs. NO!

Monday, October 01, 2007

the holidays

i'm bugged by cellphones ringing out hari raya ringtones. text messages, phone calls... dude, it's crazy and it's driving me crazy. the fact these people just let their phones ring for awfully long on bloody purpose irks me too. yes, it's hari raya soon. i get it. blasting hari raya songs doesn't mean you truly understand the meaning of the occasion. so it means you're in the mood for festive cheer, but really. aid'l fitri isn't just about hari raya songs.

ramadhan's only half way through, chill. i can't wait to raya either. *smirk