Friday, November 10, 2006

Click. Vroom. Whirr.

I, have a new toy. *delirious laughter*
meet Ken, the juicer machine. Ken makes juices. *slurrp* ahhhh. yum.
well the said electrical appliance is not exactly brand new, but let's just's only recently been unleashed from it's packaging. *grin*
now my fruit diet can really be in motion.
"Better Slim Than Dead" <--- repeat mantra three times daily before meals.

then have a healthy meal of rice and sambal goreng tempe and ikan bilis. *urrb*

i'm not feeling particularly articulate today. thank you.

(something smells, Dior Addict 2)

i love youuuu-hooooo! ;)
i do, but she's gotta go or i'll be on the verge of scratching her face-less and slashing her not-so-pretty head off her bony shoulders.