Saturday, July 14, 2007


not very articulate when it comes to titles. so whatever. i haven't been writing, and it's obvious. perhaps boredom inspires me more than everyday happenings. perhaps everyday happenings happen too often to be of any significance that i'd write about it everyday. or perhaps... just perhaps. perhaps whatever.

ultimately, i am fucked up bored to the point of running wild and spray painting foul words on all the security guards' 'kontena' posts. LOL!!! (i really wish i could, really...) but considering it's my last semester, i'm appealing for a fucking bed for me to sleep on in the residential fucking college, i'm also a part of the student representative council secretariat, i want to be a part of the contingent to this year's VC Cup, and i want a fucking B+ average so fucking badly, i shall content to swearing right here, right now. (as if it isn't already apparent that i'm doing it right now...)

what genius made me come back to campus on a fucking friday and spend the fucking weekend here in this godforsaken compounds?? good grief. it was my own genius. i wrote myself the exemption letter, necessary allowing me to register on 13th July, the very latest. was that just pure genius or just me being too kind to help myself. geez.

this semester, although will only see 13 weeks of class and daylight, has me taking 5 subjects to fulfil 15 credit hours. great. no, not really. but 13 weeks is. so that equals a whole lot of workload within the short span of 13 weeks. 13 fucking weeks and i'm over with this shit!!! isn't that AWESOME!!! for fuck's sake, let's get this all over and done with in the shortest amount of time and the least amount of drama from classmates and lecturers, alike. but on the other hand, if butt-kissing gets me ahead, why not. if butt-kissing and butt-kissing alone awards me with the grade i need to graduate with enough to apply for a degree in PR, so butt-kissing is the way to go. that is, if all else fails. but failing is not a bloody option. butt-kissing, on top of cute and super bright genius induced remarks in class and either one of my arms shooting up in the air fast like a bullet to answer all those stupid questions the others can't answer is definitely a better choice. now Pash, pretend like you're the A+ star quality student you've always denied yourself the liberty to be. (but only because you chose not to be the A+ star quality student with a crown shining on your head.)

what i need to do now, is get to Monday as fast as the earth would spin around the sun, get my fees paid, get to class and around campus (ehem, library, football field, cafeteria) ...and start looking for this semester's eye candy. one can't get over a semester without eye candy. and copius amounts of chocolate.

i also need an all-expense paid trip to langkawi, booze included. or that junior suite package at hotel maya. anybody?