Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Semua Kalau Ada Kamu

okay so i didn't write on sunday.
but i didn't promise, i just said i would right.
i'm writing now aren't i? pfft~

Arau Open is this weekend.
i'ma kick some sweet ass this time around.
but i doubt it. i'm not in shape.
i'm ugly!!! aaarrghhh!!
i'd be lucky if i break, but that really depends on who my teamies are going to be. coz i know one thing sure, i'm going to SUCK. literally. i'll be sucking on my teamies intelligence. parasitic teamwork. hah.

things happen in a gyals daily life mahn. the gyals wanna rub up on some duckies but the duckies turn to be rubber mahn.
right. that's pash, of late i've been weaving in and out of multiple personalities. but only God knows how and why i keep it up.
it keeps me amused, for one. as i don't currently have a resident clown to entertain me and my whims. where's a boyfriend when a girl needs one? when a girl really needs one? *sigh

pash has been utterly interested in horoscopes. for the fun of it. matching mine with non-existent significant others. otherwise known as, potential hopefuls? naahh...
*sings "just my imagination, just my imagination..." by the cranberries.*

pash has discovered oh-so-suddenly that she's is a very loyal person. lol.
as put by a friend, "setia habissssss"
i didn't know i could be? i could? woaahhh...

you know this is becoming very pointless.
i don't know what the objective of my ramblings are tonight.
i can't figure head or tail of what's going on here.
and how all this is even remotely related to the title i posted.
you figure. i'm messed up as always.

>Pash The Sexy