Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blank Stares.

(this should've been posted on friday. but, yeah. it's here now innit?)


First day accomplished. Second day breezed. Apparently I’m not required to attend Preservation class, which leaves me with Wednesdays free after 10am and Thursdays absolutely free. That’s awesome except, I’ve class early Friday morning. Yes, this one I’m sitting at right now. Dang it. Somehow I think my schedule’s a bit messy. It leaves me with a lot of idle time. And what am I to do with all that time? Town’s like aeon minutes away, through a jungle of rubber and oil palm tree plantations. The problem is, the only way there is by the consolidated yellow school buses (haha, yea. Laugh because it’s funny). The buses don’t leave until the driver thinks he has sufficiently filled up his bus and is worth the fuel and effort to navigate through windy roads. Cars for rent are expensive. RM6 for an hour? That excludes fuel, mind you. Besides, I’m crap at driving manuals and I do not want to end up in a ditch with a stray babi hutan. The good news is that KL is only 3 hours away. *grin* HOME SWEET HOME! *ehem* Roight.

I’ve been terribly homesick since I got here. With the only consolation of Bobby’s 2 hour phone calls, and various text messages from beloved people. I need to personalize my room. Make it homier. As it is, I’ve tonnes of food to last till next week. My table laden with books to keep me occupied and of course, the ever loyal rhyme book. But since I’ve been here, I haven’t had any inkling of inspiration to write. It’s as if I’m lost. I can’t find my way around this place, and I can’t find my way around my head. The library has always been a personal sanctuary. Yes yes, call me nerdy geeky, whatever. But I like libraries for the fact that it gives me quiet and people are expected to not bother you and give you quiet. However, the library here is akin to being in a marketplace. Even bookshops are quieter than this library here. Plus, it’s always infested with a lot of people. I mean, a LOT. It’s packed. It’s noisy. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not a library! It’s a chicken coop! Gaaah.

Internet’s not really a problem. Not really. Access is available, there’s an internet cafĂ© on the ground floor of my college block. Not exactly my standard of speeds, but better than nothing I suppose. Obviously. How else am I posting this, right? Other than that I guess I can live. Until my first trip back home for the weekend, one week down, a gazillion more to go. *sigh*

Lots of love, loved ones.