Wednesday, August 22, 2007


not mine. not yet.

but this my boys' single "Freedom".
in FOUR languages, son. they got it. you don't.
take a listen here.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ratta Taa Ta

i find sean ghazi's singing oh-my-fucking-mind-blowingly sexy. *groan

take a listen to his crooning on 'ku impikan bintang', you'll probably have to control your insides from making 360 degree flips and squirming like a handful of wormies in a glass jar. well, perhaps only if you're a female species or if you're gay. but then again, i trust he can make any straight testosterone charged male with a ding-a-ling turn gay anyway. dammit. why???

i'm turning cuckoo. help.

i counted how many weeks i have left in this place, guess what? EIGHT WEEKS!! yes, you can't believe it either. but now something else is bothering me more than scoring a B+ average for this term's exams. something more frightening than not scoring a B+ average for this term's exams. shoot me. now. before i keel over and vomit nasty things on your lap. bwahahaha~

i'm just being totally ob-freaking-sessed! my future is now in the hands of UiTM's automated degree application system. uhuh. yeah. i'll be fine, the computer will probably recognise me from this internet cafe's IP address and let me pass through the applicant sifting process. yeah. ROIGHT!

i feel nauseous. all the time. like an overbearing hangover that wouldn't go away. i feel like i need to be put on a staple diet of flu meds. those little pink ones they give you at the UiTM clinic. which does nothing to alleviate the flu, but just make you feel better because it tells your brain that you've taken something to help cure the flu. uhuh. yeah. i feel better already. (ps: i don't have the flu.)

i feel like a monkey with the hibbiejibbies. i'm constantly fidgeting. i feel agitated. i need something to calm me down. calm me. down. now. *gasp*BELLINI*gasp*

eight weeks, pash. just eight more weeks. have self-restraint. and control.

i'm acting like i'm having withdrawal symptoms from quitting medication cold turkey. lol.

my girlfriends are probably as much of a wreck as i am, them already doing their degrees and with a whole lot more workload than me but i'm sorry if i feel as if they're having more fun than i am. (maybe i just miss you girls...and can't wait to move in, but that's another story)

suddenly i write, and i write a lot of nonsense.