Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sejuk Bodoh.

the air conditioning has to be switched on, so Mikey won't overheat so much and suddenly decide to turn itself off.
so while i'm freezing, even beneath covers, Mikey gets pampered. all cool and breezey.
what a brat my laptop is. grrr.
well but then i can't say it isn't entirely my fault. i manja him too much. first the external fan, then that doesn't work so i give him the mother of all coolers. i should try if Mikey likes being put in a fridge. i should also not say all this about him while i'm actually typing on him. heh.

anyways. anyhoos.

i don't like the cold. i don't like being cold.
someone throw me a Bobby. =) brrr.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Adoi. My Kepala Lutut.

apparently, i have the ability to trip, even within the confines of my house and without wearing shoes.

brilliant! *kaching*

i have jelly beans for toes. peanut-butter flavoured. wanna taste my feet?

hey, that super hot toy is about to get Pash-ed.
he's been forwarned. now i'ma lay it down.

i'm looking forward to:
1. the KLG boys' album droppin'
2. the CLV boys' single spinnin'

all of this, soon.

i'm psyched! i'm psyched! *jiggle*

Friday, October 06, 2006

In Loving Memory

i am in grieve. the loss of dearest tommy has left a scar.

i have to move on now. with mikey. he is not tommy, admittedly although he resides in tommy's old body. the spirit of tommy will haunt mikey and me. mikey will forever now live in the shadow of tommy and be the victim of constant comparisons to the late tommy.

but i hope mikey will be strong and prove his might. at least, prove himself worth of tommy's departure.

dear tommy, i love you. i shall miss you, and all of my memories that you have taken with you. believe me, nothing will ever come close to you. you hold that spot.

Tommy, Dell Inspiron 5150, July 2004 - 4 October 2006.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keroncong Bunyi Perutku

i'm too hungry to think, to write of anything.
but in this hunger, i can only think of one person dear to me, whom i've quite recently neglected. what has happened? what brought us apart? what pulled us in total opposite directions?

answers to these question may strengthen our fragile friendship.

spaces in between people tend to grow.
then it becomes vacuum.
memories of the past, and visions of the future, exist within that vacuum. the present non-existent.

let's talk about changes, and differences.
of old friendships, and newly built relationships.
why people change the way they do, and if that change is good or not so.
if sometimes you have to take a step back and retrace the past.
to be who you were, or to be who you are?
or, to be who you will be?

let's all grow together.

to girlfriend, i love you. you're my bitch.
yes, u may think i have changed, but my name is still the same.
that means, i'm still here.