Tuesday, March 25, 2008


yeah, so the title's random. but actually, it's a pokemon character. jigglypuff, the one that sings people to sleep and then scribbles the faces with a black marker coz it gets angry that people are falling asleep? yeah? no? oh well. (google it, dude...)
anyway, unity concert is this friday and listen is the day after. I AM FREAKING OUT! i swear, i haven't memorized half of my lyrics and that's NOT a good thing. the last time i performed and forgot my lyrics, i choked on stage. and then i cried because of how stupid i was. trust me, that's the last thing i want to happen. this saturday is serious, maaang! it's like my first 'big' show. it's also one that i'm co-organizing with a friend. so yeah, you can say it's like carrying a whole sack of potatoes on my shoulders and having to do squats. (again, random...)
i'm really excited though. i've got practices this week, 4 solid hours of rehearsing the full routine. rapping, singing, choreography...everything. you watch people practice for shows and you think it's easy right? you think you can do it too right? you think you can do better right? WRONG! you so don't know what it's like to be singing and dancing at the same time. so please, the next time you see those reality things on the telly and you think they suck; bitch you don't know better.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Puff Puff

you've been checkin in and there hasn't been any updates? i haven't been writing. coz life's moving way too fast for me to take a step back and write about it. shit's been happening and then it takes a u-turn, goes the other way around. crazy shit.

too much going on. too much to think about my head's like in a whirlpool. like i'm in a washing machine on spin and it won't stop. maybe i should take a break and step away from the madness. this is 2008, it was dragging along and all of a sudden it's March? woah. i only noticed that it's been zooming past me when one moment it's February and now it's 3 weeks to my show at Bojangles. double U, tee, eff. seriously. where did all that time go? i'm rushing to meet deadlines, i've got papers to submit that's long overdue. i hate writing papers. writing is not something i do because i have to. writing is leisurely activity for me. so when i have to write about something i'm not even remotely interested in, it saps the energy out of me and i go like, blah. no drive, no motivation. like, whaddafak. and imagine another 3 years going through the same shit over and again. school sucks. i need to readjust my views. i've got my priorities all jumbled up. no, wait. i DON'T have any priorities. now that's messed up. i gotta focus, mayn. how come brains don't come with an auto-focus function. urgh.

i gotta get into perspective. get my head straight. straight up to the beeline like chalk on the sidewalk, nose to the grindstone get the books back on the right shelf. dude, i'm rambling. i need a whack on the head. why do i feel like i'm in a hurricane. like, wha? whaddoido, wheredoigo, whaszatonthefloor...i been thinking about a lot of things but the funny thing is, i don't know what. some part of it is something about school work. then another part will be about the show, a little corner of my brain will be screaming out "you're forgetting something!" but i don't know what. i think my brain cells are dying. err. help.