Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so i haven't been writing in God-ages. i don't know, maybe too many things have been happening all in a blow that i can't quite catch up with writing it all down like i used to. besides, i used to only write when i'm depressed or mad or angry or blew my head off or something but it does not mean in any way that since i'm writing now, i'm not happy or anything like that. in fact, i'm happy alright.

right now, life's so much and alot about being with the boyfriend. i'm not about to get all cheesy-soppy "oh-the-love-of-my-life" telling you about how he's the most perfect thing that ever happened to me, because let's face it, sometime in the past, there's been other guys i dated who i used to think were everything i wanted. that didn't go anywhere did it? come on, everyone will say that at that particular moment of time. looking back, you change your mind when you find something else you think you like better. but hey my feelings and thoughts are best kept within the confines and privacy of this relationship. nothing about it is for you to know.

oh well, but sometimes i do wanna tell. except, i wish i could be anonymous right now. even with my total readership of 3, or occasionally 5, i still feel like i'm opening up to a LOT of people. i like to keep things to myself, remember. right.

so...conclusion. not telling. haha. thanks for reading. now get out.

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